Waxing - Thorough hair removal in the most pain-free, quickest way possible. Cream wax is used on the face and underarms, because it is gentler to delicate skin yet it effectively removes unwanted hair. Hard wax is used for bikini, strip bikini and Brazilian waxing, as this is specifically designed to be less painful and more effect with the coarser pubic hair. Honey wax is used everywhere else. Larger areas need to be waxed as quickly as possible to minimize pain. Wax is rolled on and peeled off with speed and precision. You always examine my work and leave the room once you are happy with the results.

Upper Lip or Chin* - $17
Face* - $40
Toes & Fingers* - $14
Half Arm* - $30
Full Arm* - $45
Underarm* - $25
Stomach* - $25
Full Back - $60+
Partial Back - $45+
Chest*- $55+
Bikini Line* - $40
Strip Bikini* - $60
Brazilian* (Hard Wax) - $75+
Lower Leg* - $40+
Upper Leg* - $40
Full Leg* - $70+
Bum* - $30
Wax Patch - $5


*With all waxing serivces could may vary depending on thickness and amount of hair