Massage Therapy

Specifically designed to enhance your daily performance, reduce pain and help you to generally feel better.  Our integrative bodywork is composed of deep tissue techniques that include trigger point therapy and stretching. Ease your pain and relax more deeply than you ever have.


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  30 Minutes - $60   30 Minutes $50   30 Minutes $45    
  45 Minutes - $80   45 Minutes - $70   45 Minutes - $65    
  60 Minutes - $100   60 Minutes - $90   60 Minutes - $80    
  75 Minutes - $120   75 Minutes - $105   75 Minutes - $95    
  90 Minutes - $135   90 Minutes - $120 90 Minutes - $110     

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Pain Management Massage
A massage designed for the treatment of a specific condition. Point specific massage can help to alleviate pain due to conditions such as, frozen shoulder, whiplash, runners knee, tendinitis, muscle strains, thoracic outlet syndrom, bursitis, bulginig or hernated disks and many more physical ailments.  It can als be very helfpul in reducing inflammation and scar tissue and increase movement and flexability after surgery. 

Therapeutic Massage
A massage designed for your body’s needs. If you are looking to alleviate and release mucular tension due to excessive muscular strain, stress and activities of daily living this massage is for you.

Sports Massage
Helps athletes achieve peak performance and decrease the likeli­hood of injury. A variation of deep tissue techniques combined with trigger point work, stretching and the use of heat and cryo care.

Pregnancy Massage
A gentle prenatal massage that aids in reducing swelling and alleviating discomfort… give your aching body the break it deserves.